To provide you with those key nutrients even those foods and the right portions 26:02

and then making sure you're well hydrated alright to complement 26:05 everything you've been doing up to that point so now it comes to putting this 26:09 all into practice and there's some simple things you can do in order to 26:12 achieve that what I encourage people to do is to sit down and make a plan right 26:18 just write things out you can start by writing out just your fuelling schedule 26:24 so take a look you know your typical day look at your 26:28 work schedule look at your exercise schedule your social activities and fit 26:33 your nutrition into that plan and make sure you're able to repeat that on a day 26:38 to day basis - to maintain that consistency right so establish that 26:43 eating schedule so write that down then you want to write out just how you want 26:48 your meals to be built all right always making sure that some protein is part of 26:52 those meals and snacks making sure you've got some good carb sources 26:56 whether it's grains fruits vegetables those sort of things and then including 27:00 those healthy fats as well once you have that template in place it becomes easy 27:05 to start to fill out the foods that you want to consume right so what you can do 27:09 is you have your template and then you can build out you know Monday Tuesday 27:13 Wednesday Thursday and so on right just using that template there so what that 27:17 looks like is now you start to pick the foods that you want to consume so if you 27:24 go back to your your template you're gonna have breakfast first thing in the 27:28 morning you know you want to include a protein source

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