That out is to take your weight in pounds and divide it by two that's the

 number of ounces of calorie-free fluid that you should be consuming every 24:33 single day so for example if you weigh a hundred and fifty pounds you need to 24:38 drink about 75 ounces or about two and a half liters of water every single day 24:43 all right and I keep mentioning water because that's your best fluid source 24:47 but you can get that hydration from things like coffee and tea trying to 24:54 avoid putting too much sugar or cream into those into those drinks unsweetened 24:58 iced tea so low sugar calorie free lemon water so basically water with a slice of 25:04 lemon in it just to give us some flavoring or again if you don't like the 25:08 flavor just plain water using a flavoring agent can help boost your 25:11 hydration so trying to hit that number on a daily basis will ensure that your 25:16 body is getting all the hydration it needs to function as and it's best one 25:22 way to track hydration is to look at urine color so we want something 25:27 typically in this yellow to pale yellow that is that ensures that you're in a 25:32 hydrated state the darker your urine gets the more dehydrated you are the 25:37 more you're going to need to focus on your hydration intake in the future so 25:45 again up to this point and in terms of our five basics we've talked about 25:50 establishing that eating schedule identifying those key nutrients that you 25:54 want to include throughout your day choosing the right foods that are going

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