something from each one of these categories ensures that by the end of

 the day you're hitting all your key nutrient targets so visually what that 17:25 looks like is something like this what we see here is we see a lot of color a 17:29 lot of variety just different foods that we can be including in our diet on 17:34 daily basis so our lean proteins some of our whole grains fruits and vegetables 17:40 even dairy products are healthy options as well so ultimately what you need to 17:47 start thinking about is ways that you can upgrade your current meals to 17:51 something that's a little bit more balanced and something that includes all 17:55 four of those key nutrients that we talked about so here's an example here 17:58 right a lot of people for dinner or for lunch have something like this maybe 18:03 it's some chicken strips with some french fries 18:06 right yes this meal here provides protein and carbohydrates but 18:11 unfortunately because it's typically deep-fried you're gonna get unhealthy 18:15 fats as part of that meal right and then you're missing out a lot of key vitamins 18:20 and minerals that your body requires right instead what we want to try to do 18:24 we want to try to upgrade from that meal and get something that includes all four 18:29 of those key nutrients that we talked about so something like this we've got 18:32 chicken we've got rice we've got vegetables fruit even a couple pieces of 18:36 cheese what that's gonna do is that's gonna give us those lean proteins that 18:40 our body requires good sources of carbohydrate in the rice and the fruits 18:45 the vegetables healthy fat which could be a dressing on the vegetables and the 18:52 the key vitamins and minerals from just that variety of food that again supports 18:58 day to day functioning so if you're kind of following along what we've done so 19:06 far again is develop that eating schedule we have identified the key 19:11 nutrients that we want to include proteins carbs healthy fats vitamins and 19:16 minerals we've we've identified the foods that provide those nutrients now 19:22 what we want to do is we want to focus on consuming those foods and the right 19:26 portions so portion sizes have increased over the last few decades and I think we 19:34 see a correlation with the increase in you know rates of obesity and being 19:39 overweight and a lot of that is is attributed to two portion sizes kind of 19:44 going out of control a little bit so we want to do is we want to 19:47 use some perspective on the the sizes of the portions of food that you're

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