Looking for so recruit a team track your progress whether that's just checking in

with yourself every single day if you've set say you know a hydration goal at the 30:34 end of the day check off whether you accomplished that or not the other way 30:38 to track your progress is to meet with somebody like myself a dietician who can 30:42 track that progress along with you and then lastly a lot of this can be 30:47 challenging making changes to your routine especially if it's a routine 30:51 default for such a long time can be difficult so celebrate those 30:55 victories if your hydration is drastically improved right you know 31:00 celebrate that posted on social media you know go out for dinner with your 31:06 family your friends and just celebrate that accomplishment overall if you can 31:13 implement that routine that we just talked about if you can track your 31:20 progress celebrate your victories this is just gonna go a long way towards 31:24 moving you down a more ideal and healthier path towards that optimal 31:30 health and optimal nutrition so if you're looking for more information you 31:36 can reach us through our website UCLA health org slash sports performance if 31:41 you're looking for a one-on-one consultation you can reach out to us 31:45 there as well but overall I just want to say thank you guys for tuning in and 31:51 we're happy to answer some questions so again if you have a question you can 31:56 reach out to us on twitter using hashtag UCLA md chat so I think we've got some 32:00 questions now all right 32:08 okay so first question is what do you think about diet trends like keto diets 32:14 and intermittent fasting so these are two of the more popular nutrition trends 32:21 that we're seeing these days both of yous typically in a weight loss you know 32:27 capacity so people using keto diet or interim fascinating as a way to lose 32:31 weight and there's actually a lot of research to back that up 32:34 the thing about keto diet intermittent fasting is that there they can be 32:41 challenging diets to maintain and you really have to you know follow it as 32:47 specified right so you can't just do like a half a keto diet some days and 32:53 then other day is just a regular diet it's one of those things you really got 32:56 to follow and stick to on a day to day basis I also recommend if people are 33:00 looking to do something like keto diet or intermittent fasting to reach out to 33:05 somebody like myself who has lot of experience and knowledge in those 33:08 areas and can help just help you establish the proper guidelines that you 33:14 need to follow in order to really maximize you know these these diet 33:18 protocols all right any recommendation for eating during sports a volleyball 33:25 tournament I have one to two hour breaks what are items that are promoted to be 33:29 good but really or not so things like sports tournaments can be challenging 33:36 because you're on the road there's not usually a lot of good healthy options in 33:40 the area so what I typically recommend people do is one take a look at the 33:44 schedule ahead of time understand where your breaks are and how long those 33:48 breaks are and then plan accordingly I really encourage people to pack their 33:53 own snacks and meals get yourself a little cooler that you can take with you 33:56 to the tournament that's got healthy options so you don't have to rely on you 34:01 know buying something from the from the cafeteria from the canteen or from you 34:05 know a local fast food place and something that's typically promote

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