Half of those being fruits and vegetables and then seven servings of

 fat or seven unfolds so if you're looking for a breakdown of how that's 22:15 distributed throughout the day if we take a look at that male 2000 calories 22:20 again eight servings of protein 13 servings of carbs nine servings of fat 22:24 if we were to break that down with this eating schedule here it looks something 22:29 like this two of those palm folds so two of those servings of protein will come 22:33 at breakfast maybe you add one serving of grain two servings of fruits and 22:39 vegetables and maybe two servings of fat 22:43 what that could look like in real life would be something like a cup of Greek 22:50 yogurt a little sprinkle of granola maybe throw on some blueberries some 22:55 strawberries and add some chopped almonds right that would hit that full 22:59 nutrient profile in the right portions and then you just continue to spread out 23:05 those servings throughout the day until you get kind of an even distribution 23:08 between your meals and snacks and you reach your daily totals all right so the 23:13 key theme here is is know your numbers and try to reach those numbers on a 23:17 consistent basis day in and day out same thing with our females again some fewer 23:26 portions overall but but still distributed throughout the day similar 23:29 to on the male example there so lastly what we're going to talk about is 23:36 hydration and how you ensure that you are well hydrated throughout your day so 23:42 the human body is approximately 75% water so small changes in hydration can 23:49 really impact the body and you may have suffered from some of these symptoms of 23:55 dehydration things like headaches constipation fatigue joint and muscle 24:00 pain reduced athletic performance impaired cognitive function if you've 24:05 ever had any of these symptoms you may want to take a closer look at your 24:08 hydration you might be in a dehydrated state 24:12 so in order to avoid dehydration to stay well hydrated it's good to know how much 24:17 water we actually need to drink every single day and an easy way to figure

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