Consuming on a daily basis and I'll also give you some perspective on you know

how many portions you should be consuming over the course of a day so 20:04 the easiest way to understand portion size is to use your hand so for example 20:09 if you have a protein source one serving fits in the palm of your hand so it's 20:15 about 3 ounces of something like chicken or fish or even like beans or lentils 20:20 it's whatever can fit in the palm of your hand that's one serving for 20:25 carbohydrates it's one copped hand so it's about a half a cup overall so that 20:30 would be grains you know things like oats or cereal something like that rice 20:36 it's whatever you can fit in a cupped hand that's one serving those healthy 20:41 fats that we talked about it's about a thumb size so about one ounce or a 20:45 tablespoon right so if it's oil if it's not it's about the size of one thumb and 20:51 then fruits and vegetables a fistful would be considered one serving so 20:55 that's about one cup as well right so again if you're preparing your meal take 21:01 a look at the portion sizes you're consuming and just make sure they fit 21:05 with the recommendations here so to put this in perspective let's get an 21:10 understanding of what a typical day looks like for your average person so 21:15 the average male consumes around 2,000 calories everyday if we were to break 21:20 that down into portions and this is kind of the ideal breakdown we're talking 21:25 about eight servings of protein so there'd be about eight of those palm 21:29 falls throughout the day of protein we're looking at 13 servings of 21:34 carbohydrates so that's a combination of those grains and fruits and vegetables 21:39 typically we try to do half or more of those servings as fruits or vegetables 21:44 and then lastly we're talking about nine servings or nine thumb sizes of fat as 21:51 well for that typical male 2000 calorie diet females 21:56 typically it's about 1600 calories a day so you're looking at about six servings 22:01 or six palm fulls of protein ten servings of carbohydrates with at least

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