Carbs a little bit of granola some blueberries and then as I mentioned

earlier add that healthy fat in the form of chopped almonds or something like 27:44 that and you repeat that throughout the day so that you're hitting on all those 27:48 key nutrients as you build out your meal plan from there you can even take it one 27:54 step further and establish your portion sizes right so your Greek yogurt one one 27:59 palm full or three-quarters of a cup your granola is one cup handful or about 28:04 a quarter cup or half a cup and so on and continue to do that throughout your 28:09 day because then from there what all you need to do is build your grocery list 28:13 all right so now you have all the foods that you need you know the amounts that 28:18 you need you just create your grocery lists from there go to the store do your 28:23 shopping come home and if you have time start to prepare those meals so maybe 28:29 you're preparing you know bulk meals for the whole week or if you're just 28:32 preparing for the for the next day all right that's going to help ensure that 28:37 you're getting all the proper nutrition you're getting that 28:40 optimal nutrition that we're talking about every single day of the week 28:47 essentially the more you do that the more it becomes a habit right so again 28:51 kind of following this routine here you know establishing that evening eating 28:57 schedule being consistent day in and day out hitting those key nutrients 29:02 throughout your day choosing the best quality foods choosing those foods and 29:07 consuming those foods and the right portions for you making sure you're well 29:11 hydrated throughout the day and then just repeating that day in and day out 29:14 and again you can accomplish that with a little bit of meal planning grocery 29:18 shopping and meal preparation so in summary I've given you some some pretty 29:26 basic information but free for you to truly be able to implement it and to 29:32 benefit from it the best thing to do is to set a goal for a lot of people they 29:37 want to lose weight and those basics that I just talked about there that can 29:42 help you do that right so set a goal whether it's weight loss maybe it's 29:45 improving athletic performance maybe it's just improving markers of Health 29:49 have that goal in mind and then create your plan so take this information that 29:55 we talked about it you may need to modify a few things but overall those 29:59 are the typical recommendations that you want to follow that's gonna be the plan 30:04 that's going to be the the roadmap for you to reach that goal something that 30:08 can be really beneficial for a lot of people is to recruit people who are 30:13 supportive so maybe it's family members or friends people have similar goals who 30:17 you can follow and take this journey along with it just makes it easier for 30:21 you to reach your goal it provides you with that accountability that you're

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